My Advice for Buying a Microwave

What Are The Things That I Should Consider Before Buying A Microwave?

One of the main things that you need to bear in mind when shopping for a microwave is the space that you have available for it in your kitchen and how it will be used. If you are feeding a family you will need something larger than if it is just you that you are cooking for. If you only have limited space on your counters then you may be surprised at how small some models of microwave are these days.

What Features Should I Look For?


There are some features that can help you cook your meals without having to guess times and the amount of power that you need, such as an automatic defrost function and settings that have been pre-programmed. Some microwaves even have a feature that can adjust the cooking times based on the amount of steam that is emitted by the food as it is cooking.

If you have a favorite dish that you use for cooking a lot of meals, then you will want to make sure that this dish fits inside and that there is enough room for this to be able to rotate when it is on the turntable. Some people also like to test out how the doors feel when they open and close.

What Wattage Do I Need?


The wattage that is needed will largely depend on what the microwave is used for. Generally speaking the more wattage a microwave has, the faster it will cook your food. A higher wattage will also ensure that the food is cooked more evenly.

Which Models Are Best For Families?

There are certain features of a microwave that make them easier for children to use. Although they should not use the microwave unsupervised, having things like large buttons and easy to read displays can make it much easier for them to carry out simple tasks such as heating up popcorn.

How Often Should Microwaves Be Replaced?

If you have had your microwave longer than 10 years it is probably time to think about a replacement, even if there does not seem to be anything wrong with it. After this time things such as the seals on the doors can start to come away and the buttons can become worn.

Are There Any Innovations I Should Look Out For?

There are models that have a child lock feature on them if you want to stop your children using the microwave when you are not home. These machines will require a passcode to be entered before the microwave can be used.

Some microwaves can also be used for other functions, such as a rotisserie or a convection oven. If you are short on space these features can be very useful as you have no need to buy two separate units.

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